Why Choose Apex View?

Specialized Expertise
I am an FAA Part 107 Certified and fully insured pilot. Specializing in providing expert post-processing services in photography and videographer ensuring the highest quality work product, to maximize your benefits. For over 15 years I have produced expert level videos, photos, and graphics. 

Safety is #1
Apex View is the premier Drone service provider for Commerical and Residential Real Estate Advertising, Construction Management, Architectural & Engineering Design, Land Surveying, Event Coverage, and Precision Agriculture. All of my Drone flights are covered by a minimum $1 Million insurance policy which can be increased up to $10 Million. 

My Services

Real Estate

residential & commercial – sales, view studies, pre-sale


commercial & residential – inspection & maintenance


project management, volumetrics, safety, finance


Infrastructure Inspections

bridge, pipeline, power grid, and cell broadcast towers

Events & Gatherings

outdoor weddings, sports, conventions, boat or car shows & corporate events

Commercial & Tourism

resort, golf, attractions, destination marketing


Client Testimonials

D. Stokes
Remax Marine 
Marine Construction

“Worth every cent! All my customers & manufacturers are stunned by the detail involved with every video. I’ve landed more new contracts since I started getting videos of our projects.”

Watson Enterprises
Oversized Boat Hauler  

“Thanks for the awesome drone footage! Your videos are dynamic and always immersive.”

Lynn DeCoulaz
EXP Realty
Real Estate

“House turn-over is at an all-time high. My clients have been absolutely thrilled by the response from the ariel photos!”

Pier 220
Seafood & Grill

“WOW. These photos have allowed us to show what tourists should expect when coming to our establishment. The detail is phenomenal!”